Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Everyone has some bedrock memories of childhood, like a greatest hits compilation of the early years. Among mine is seeing the setting sun glinting off the streamers on my new tricycle on the Bicentennial. Mom had kept my sister and me occupied as Dad unloaded our surprise from his Impala to our driveway. There was a bicycle with impressive streamers for my sister as well. I can remember how pleased he looked at our delight in these gifts.

One I have of Mom involves her telling me of a dream she had about me when I was eleven years old. I have been fascinated with dreams ever since, and Mom’s dream still puzzles me. She told me she’d a had nightmare in which I was dressed like Annie Lennox in the Eurythmic’s  “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” video. I was wearing the same suit and had the signature orange crew cut. I was also trying to reenact parts of the video with props. The only thing wrong with my performance was that my crew cut featured visible lice, especially noticeable when I pointed to the globe like in the video. It seemed as if I had no awareness of the bugs crawling on my head.

I still wonder why she had that dream. She could have dreamed of any of her three children, yet it was me with that orange crew cut. I remember how she told me of her nightmare as I left for school that morning and being deeply amused and puzzled by that tale.

Last week I told my daughter that when I was pregnant with her I had dream that I could see the world through her eyes. It was 2001, yet I was holding a smart phone shaped device that had the capacity for teleporting its owner. She used that device to teleport herself to the Tokyo airport. I hope my daughter cherishes that revelation as much as I did my mother’s 1983 nightmare.


Author: Michelle Cole

I am a mom, wife, photographer, blogger and inventory clerk from Lima, Ohio.

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