Hobbies of Yore

Our cat Fian, who was known by many names, the best of which was Deep and Sir Darketh.

I’ve heard that there is tension between time and creativity, and I wish I could give proper credit to the author of this notion: when you have lots of time, you have few ideas, but when you have no time, you are taunted by all kinds of ideas you’d explore if you had the time. Alas, I do not remember where I first heard or read about this truth of life.

Digital scrapbooking is a hobby I tried back when I had lots of time but little inspiration. I had a secondhand computer, a borrowed point-and-shoot camera and free scrapbooking software. My daughter and I would assemble digital pages with our pictures and free templates.

This is one of many things I wish I had the time to explore again. I wish I had the time to crochet afghans, knit hats, create collages, etc. Then I consider that this wish arises from pressure on my time. When I had more time, I spent lots of it wondering what to do and feeling guilty that I’d wasted it.

I remember that my daughter helped me choose the pictures for this page. Notice that she chose a plush with embroidered eyes to represent herself, too. She still has fine taste in such matters.

One thought on “Hobbies of Yore”

  1. So very true, I have really experienced this since I retired. I know I created some of the best things when I was overtired and didn’t have time to think too deeply. You can convince yourself to not even try (it won’t be perfect).

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