A Special Thank You to My Readers


When I started this blog three months ago, my only hope was to write for the sake of writing again. I had been writing no more than was necessary for several years. Writing was something I had tossed onto the cinder pile of my youth.

Then things worth writing about started happening, stuff that begged deeper reflection than a few long conversations. People I knew slipped from this life. A missing person was found.

One of my aunts reminded me that I have stories worth telling, so I began writing again. I wondered what would happen if I started writing every day and stopped worrying about the potential quality of my output.

I have found that the most powerful changes come from daily habits. I’m beginning to believe that writing is no exception to this principle.

This blog started as a promise to myself that I would persist at writing, even if I found no audience. I am so very grateful to you, my reader, that I have not labored alone. The time you’ve taken to read my posts and view my pictures means more to me than I can yet express in words.

I am so pleased to see that I’ve had visitors from 25 countries in the past three months. Eons ago (in internet time, at least), I had a satire online that was visited a few times by someone from Vatican City. Whoever he was, I hope he’ll read my stuff again. Maybe he was checking my writing for heresy.

Since this blog was born during this past summer, my posts have been viewed a total of 2,882 times on three different sites (this blog, Medium.com and Mytrendingstories.com). This is a small amount of traffic compared to seasoned bloggers, but it’s a beginning worth continuing.

Thanks again for visiting. I am honored that you have devoted time to reading my words.

Author: Michelle Cole

I am a mom, wife, photographer, blogger and inventory clerk from Lima, Ohio.

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