The Gift of Time


The photo for this post shows the very first birthday gift I gave to my now husband. I had been searching for wash cloth patterns online because some of them can be absurdly challenging given the purpose of the object that is created with the pattern. For instance, no one needs a wash cloth that’s cabled like a fisherman’s knit sweater, yet I’m sure such patterns exist. I suppose wash cloths are a safe canvas for trying new techniques in knit or crochet. The canvas is small, and it doesn’t take too long to unravel the wash cloth if it turns out to be hideous or misshapen.

In my search for a new wash cloth to knit, I found a pattern called “The Gift of Time.” I decided that I would make it for this man I hadn’t known for long, for I did not have much to give back then aside from my time. I bought a dollar ball of cotton yarn in a masculine colorway and knitted it for him. I gave it to him with a note about the title of the pattern. I didn’t worry that I’d look crazy in taking the time to do such a thing for him. I figured that he wouldn’t use it, but I hoped it would matter to him, nonetheless, sort of like the pink oxford shirt I bought for my dad when I was 15 and didn’t know any better.

I look at the photo above and notice that the colorway wasn’t all that masculine. Once again I gave a gift that was at least partly pink to a man.

I can no longer find “The Gift of Time” pattern online, but I can still find the man to whom I gave that gift. He’s asleep in the recliner in our living room.

Author: Michelle Cole

I am a mom, wife, photographer, blogger and inventory clerk from Lima, Ohio.

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