A New Endeavor


Last weekend my daughter and I signed up to volunteer at a local animal shelter, specifically to help socialize their cats. I was in caught in a bit of despair considering that my family’s schedule is just not conducive to keeping a pet. The three of us are all gone at roughly the same time, which would leave a pet alone for too many hours. More important than this potential loneliness is the reality that none of our hearts are quite ready for a new cat or dog. It still feels too soon since my husband and I both lost pets to old age.

So I was caught between knowing that the time is not right for a pet yet longing for the company of one nonetheless. I suddenly considered that there is a place full of pets who need help and that the most loving thing to do would be to help lots of pets find homes. My daughter has been deeply interested in all things cat as of late, so she was enthusiastic to join me in becoming a volunteer.

We spent an hour with the shelter cats when we signed up to volunteer. This place had plenty of the sort of cats I love: cobby cats, puffy cats, overgrown cats. One of these felines was a leviathan with flowing hair named Ethan. I tried to pick him up, but he wasn’t too keen on my embrace. I have lots of experience with pursuing unattainable men (at least before I met my husband), so I’m not ready to give up on Ethan yet.

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