500 Calorie Dinner


My ongoing recovery from spine surgery makes traditional dieting an ill-advised move. While gaining significant amounts of weight would complicate my healing, trying to lose weight at this point would be more risky. I feel I’m better off erring on the side of excess to optimize my recovery, especially since I lost a considerable amount of blood during the surgery itself.

I figure the best approach is to forget my weight for the next couple months and try my best to eat what I need every day. This afternoon I picked up some ham and cheese from the deli, something I seldom do because the sight of all the variety in a deli case somehow baffles me. I typically walk away with my purchases wondering if I could have made better choices in taste or value. In the interest of better disclosure, I will tell you that my job complicates my deli uncertainty: I happen to work for a grocery distributor that offers even more varieties of salads, meats, and cheeses than one would ever see in a single deli case. When I look at a grocery store deli case, I also have an implicit awareness of what is missing, and I wonder why this or that cheese log or cured meat isn’t in the case. Stated otherwise, I have a hard time picking the items that are available in a reasonable amount of time, so I usually skip the deli section.

This afternoon, the deli counter was empty of customers as I walked by, so I picked a proven honey ham and a hot pepper cheese with no agony whatsoever of what I may have missed by making those choices. I also picked up some 80 calorie buns and once home built a sandwich and salad dressed up with some hummus and salsa (because I think that the best way to dress up a salad is with sauces or spreads made mainly from vegetables).

I was able to fill my stomach with gusto while getting some of the protein and calcium I need to assist the bone building in my lumbar fusion.

Author: Michelle Cole

I am a mom, wife, photographer, blogger and inventory clerk from Lima, Ohio.

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