Gratitude for my cooking chair


About a week after my back surgery, I mentioned to my husband that I might be able to cook sooner if I had our step ladder ready near the stove. The weight of said ladder slightly exceeds the ten pound maximum I’m supposed to lift during my recovery period, so I knew this was an imperfect solution, stuck in front of the oven for the duration. I had also noticed that our kitchen table chairs were not equal to the task of offering a resting place while stirring, chopping or otherwise preparing meals. The seats are too short, and I’d be bending my back to reach the all of the burners on the stove top.

My husband mentioned that he did have a chair that was ideal for the task stored in the back garage, a lighter chair that is a hybrid between a step stool and a bar chair. When he brought it home a couple years ago, I asked him if it could possibly be a late 60’s high chair for overgrown toddlers. He relegated it to storage, among the loads of things that he’s acquired secondhand on the chance they could become useful eventually.

That chair had remained among other goodies in the back garage like 70’s man purses, Bakelite staplers, and defunct insurance company letter openers for long enough that I’d forgotten we had such a thing. Not once did I consider how helpful its presence could have been in the kitchen, even before my surgery. In the months leading up to the surgery, standing in place gave me the greatest degree of discomfort. My time in the kitchen would have been greatly enhanced by such a chair.

Today I will making my tomato-free chili, grateful that my legs and back won’t be aching as I brown the hamburger and wait for the broth to thicken.

Author: Michelle Cole

I am a mom, wife, photographer, blogger and inventory clerk from Lima, Ohio.

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