Mixed Berry Sorbet, No Sugar Added

9ce06d19-b56a-4ffb-b112-509f0b919999 - Edited

I used to think that blueberries were the milquetoast of the fruit world, a token bit of wild to justify uninspired pancakes or muffins. My first taste of blueberry sorbet disrupted this boredom. I ordered it because its deep jewel tone seemed so unexpected for this fruit. I think I needed to taste it to make sure it was really just blueberry and not a port wine granita. That blueberry sorbet had a perfect balance of tart and sweet. It was sophisticated yet could have guest starred as a limited Starburst flavor.

Sometime soon I will make a treat in which blueberries are the only fruit, but today I had a frozen blend of mixed berries that sufficed for the task of make a fruit puree (diet) sorbet. This blend had equal parts blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry.

The finished treat made two servings with 80 calories each, 8 grams of fiber, and no added sugar.

Mixed Berry Sorbet

Serves 2

2 cups mixed frozen berries

2 T water

2 packets Stevia (sweetens like 1/4 cup sugar)

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulse until smooth. Scoop into small bowls and enjoy.

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