Another 23andMe Update: Maternal Phasing

Right after I published my previous post about wistful anticipation of my impending 23andMe ancestry composition update, I logged into that site to see that my mother-to-child phasing had already been completed. It’s a good thing I saved screen shots of my first ancestry composition. Even though those percentages seem to have been burned into my brain over the past year and a half, I have a memento of that which changed how I thought of myself in unexpected ways.

One of my earliest memories involves thinking that I spontaneously appeared on earth from parts unknown the very moment I first considered that I have a memory. I don’t think that notion was entirely erased until I saw that first 23andMe ancestry composition painting. This was evidence I belonged to a web of people who’d been cast over the earth since time immemorial, and in that belonging I felt profound comfort.

I can’t remember a time when I truly doubted I belonged to God, but I was uncertain that I belonged to any person, despite that I am part of a close and loving family. I really couldn’t ask for better parents, siblings, and close relations. The issue was knowing (and I have referenced this situation before on this blog) that there was an astronomically low probability that my parents could be my biological parents. Two parents with type O blood produce a child with type A blood about one time out of a million.

I’ve made some interesting discoveries regarding my family tree, such as uncovering the identity of my paternal great grandfather who had become a missing person 94 years ago. The odds that I am myself are much more extraordinary. There was a one-in-a-million chance my parents would have me (layered on top of the already slim odds that two parents will produce a particular child, a thought that as a parent myself makes me dread the possibility of time travel, by the way).

Before I close, I will share some screen shots about my maternal phasing on 23andMe. This process did make some alterations to my ancestry composition, and I haven’t had time to judge whether I think the new version is an improvement. More regions were added as trace results, so now I have a map that looks much more like my mothers:

Screenshot 2017-05-27 at 11.16.37 PM

My old ancestry composition versus my new phased ancestry composition:

Screenshot 2017-04-28 at 9
December 2015 result, without parental phasing
Screenshot 2017-05-27 at 11
May 2017 result, with parental phasing . . . there is one more line to the result which I cut off because keeping it involved zooming out to a level that made the text of this screen cap unreadable. The line was “Broadly Middle Eastern/North African < 0.1%”

Since I now have a parent tested with 23andMe, I have a new component to my ancestry report that breaks down their prediction of which regions I inherited from which parent. On the left is my dad’s contribution, and my mom’s is on the right:
Screenshot 2017-05-27 at 11.18.25 PM

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