23andMe Update: Maternal and Paternal Phasing

Yesterday I revealed how I’d nearly exhausted my very limited reserves of patience waiting for my dad’s 23andMe results. If only instant gratification were possible with such tests. Maybe some day in the future there will be DNA test kiosks right next to all the blood pressure machines in pharmacies. In the meantime, it is impressive that 600,000+ genetic markers can be analyzed in just a few weeks, even though that seems like a long span of time for impatient people such as yours truly.

Dad’s results were ready this morning. By afternoon, his results had been phased with mine. Mom tested last month, so now I have been phased with both parents. (More information on the phasing process is available here and here).

Here is a chart of my geographical percentages with and without phasing:

Screenshot 2017-07-06 at 8.29.16 PM

I had hoped to shed more of the “Broadly” percentages through phasing, but this is as about as accurate as direct-to-consumer genetic genealogy tests can be at this time, at least for someone like me, whose known ancestors migrated to America from their home countries 150-350 years ago.

I will close with a 23andMe-generated graphic of my phased results:



Author: Michelle Cole

I am a mom, wife, photographer, blogger and inventory clerk from Lima, Ohio.

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