Summer Photo Walk, July 9


There were two photo walks today. The first I squeezed into a family reunion at Lima Lake. This location has resisted all of my attempts over the years to cast it as a photogenic place. This was about as interesting as I could make it:


Almost all of the wildflowers at this lake are the sort that are so plentiful around here that they are cut like weeds: chicory, Queen Anne’s Lace, and the like.

What was more interesting was the family reunion itself. I was mistaken for my mother, and I could not convince anyone that I was not her. The older I get, the more I am exhausted by correcting things. Like lots of woman, I was haunted by the notion that I might become my mother someday, but now that it has happened, at least in the minds of some of my distant relations, I am not upset. If I must be someone else for an afternoon, my mother would be a fine person to be:


After the family reunion, I stopped at the Allen County Children’s Garden to see what all was blooming there. This location is a supermodel in comparison to Lima Lake


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