Summer Photo Walk, August 20


This morning I visited two local wildflower prairies. Several varieties of wild sunflower are at their peak. Bur marigolds and globe flowers are also in bloom.

Wild white indigo (Baptisia alba) is still in bloom, but some of these plants are heavy with indigo pods. I was able to capture three stages of this plant’s development, from blossom to mature pod:


I spotted just one bull thistle plant. I’ve been photographing wildflowers for ten years, and bull thistle was far more plentiful prior to 2016. We’ve had two relatively warm winters in a row. It is possible that bull thistle thrives with a frigid rest.


Soon the fall asters will emerge, giving way to leaf season.


2 thoughts on “Summer Photo Walk, August 20”

    1. Thanks! I was late to sow my sunflower seeds this year, so mine are still blooming. Most of the other sunflower plants I’ve seen lately here in northern Ohio are going to seed.


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