Mystery Sunflower


I sowed four varieties of sunflowers this year, yet just one of them bloomed as expected. All of these were grown from Burpee seed, which has been a reliable brand in my experience until this year. The Lemon Queen bloomed as depicted on the seed packet. The other three did not prove to be quite so accurate or abundant.

None of the Mammoth Russian seeds germinated. My Autumn Beauty has only yellow blooms instead of a variety of yellow/orange bicolor flowers. The picture shown above is what bloomed from a packet of Teddy Bear sunflower seeds. I’m not sure what variety this flower is, but it is not Teddy Bear, which has many rows of small wispy petals unfurling from the outside in as the bloom matures. I grew a Teddy Bear sunflower with my daughter when she was very young to teach her how to sow seeds and care for an easy plant. It did not look like this sunflower, except for its short height.

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