Red Maple

The light continues to be elusive. The skies have been the sort I find hard to conquer with exposure. If I let the camera meter for the leaves, the sky is a blown out white. If I do the opposite, I get silhouettes instead of well-exposed subjects. I suppose the light is deceptive on deeply overcast days. Everything seems dim, but the sky is actually quite bright.

During my drive home from work today, the clouds parted briefly to offer some decent filtered sunlight. I did a quick photo walk through my neighborhood to seize this opportunity to capture the riot of fall color that has teased us on these cloudy, rainy days. It’s as if these scenes are unwilling subjects at their most beautiful, and the cloud cover abets their hiding out in the open. It’s like nature is telling us that we must enjoy this last hurrah of the season first hand, for it resists committing itself to memory in a tangible way.

I think of the red and orange fallen leaves I tried to keep in my youth. Every one faded in color, but not in my memory.


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