Today’s Fall Photo Walk


Earlier today, I wrote about how light becomes elusive just as fall peaks in color. I feel fortunate that I was lucky enough to have a bit of time to take pictures as the skies turned more favorable for picture taking. In all honesty, I had a hard time getting motivated for this stroll. My sciatica flared up almost the entire time. I’m glad I faced that pain and took this walk. The sight of these trees at close range was just the balm I needed.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Fall Photo Walk”

    1. The strangest thing about Shock Street is that no one lives there. It is a short street that runs between an apartment building and some brick ranch-style homes. I don’t know why it has that name. Maybe the city was shocked that they’d been duped into paving and curbing a glorified driveway.


  1. I am also going to add that my neighborhood is unusual in the diversity of its housing stock. It originally belonged to the county (Allen County, btw) but portions of it were annexed to the city upon its development. This may have been advantageous from a tax perspective; the city offers property tax abatements to encourage construction and the like. Anyway, my neighborhood offers all sorts of housing arrangements. We have minor McMansions, condos, assisted living, and plenty of owner-occupied, single-family homes. There’s also a significant amount of rental stock, ranging from townhouses to cheap apartments. I’ve joked with my husband that all that is missing is a convent and a halfway house.


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