Wetlands Photo Walk, June 29

42192769515_1d581b5f8c_k (1)

I suppose I had neglected to capture this neighborhood treasure for long enough this season.

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7 thoughts on “Wetlands Photo Walk, June 29”

  1. Nice photos. If you don’t mind me asking, what camera are you using? I am really getting into photography myself and have been experimenting with equipment to see what takes the best photos. Great post

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    1. I have a Nikon D5200, and I was using a Nikkor 55-200 mm lens. Both are “prosumer” models I bought a few years ago. I’m not sure which D5000 series model is current, but mine is a good camera for an avid amateur.

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      1. Ok – good info. I’m using the bridge camera from Nikon, the Coolpix P900 – has that super long lens. Does some things really well and not so well with others. Looking to get into a true DSLR but there are so many choices. Thanks for the help. 🙏🏻

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