March 6

46575666544_f3c3dcdcbb_k (1)

It is frigid once again here in Lima. I’ve consulted several 10 day weather forecasts, and I think this may be the last cold snap of the season.

There are plenty of overexposure spots in the photo above. I like how the winter morning sun dazzles the eyes when there is snow or ice to reflect it. If I let my camera meter the picture for the bright spots, I get all sorts of weird colors in the snow. If the sun were dim enough to permit our gaze, snow would include all the variations within mother of pearl.

I don’t have long to write this morning. There is a thought flitting through my mind, and it is this: in what ways do we hold onto pain because it has become useful?

8 thoughts on “March 6”

  1. Beautiful shot–and very interesting question. For me, I think I’ve held on to personal pain to remember–emotional pain being easier to remember than emotional pleasure–and because it’s become a part of my story. The story I tell myself is what I’m all about. Thank you for giving me much to ponder today, Michelle!

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    1. I think you’ve made constructive use of your pain. In my case, I am inclined to hold onto physical pain whenever it happens to excuse me from a situation that I don”t want to deal with anyway. For example, I’ve been avoiding my husband’s favorite restaurant because of how long we’ll need to wait in line (which in the recent past had set off the nerve pain in my leg). When I stop and consider that waiting elsewhere hasn’t bothered me lately, I still want to avoid that restaurant because I just don’t like it much. Somehow it was easier for me to be in pain than admit to my husband I’d rather not go there.

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    1. I live in a town named after Lima, Peru. I am in Ohio, which still isn’t as cold as Finland, I’m sure. One of my great, great grandmothers used to tell people she was born in Peru, but I think she just wished to be from a place with better weather than Ohio has.

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