10 Years Ago

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Today I looked over some photos I took a decade ago, and I found one that delighted me anew because I’d forgotten the moment it captures. There is my daughter striding in front of me (just like she did at the park a couple weeks ago), and my dad stands in profile beyond the depth of field. Back then, he still wore short-sleeved Oxford shirts every day. For years, he had the fixed idea that his Oxford shirt should have a 15½” neck. Back when I was in high school, I made the error of giving him a pink Oxford shirt with a 16″ neck for Father’s Day. It lingered in his closet not because of its color but its size. Years later he abandoned the style altogether rather stoop to buying a larger size.

Dad almost always wears short-sleeved shirts. I have rarely seen him in a fully long-sleeved shirt. I inherited Dad’s short arms, and I can’t wear full-length sleeves without rolling them up. The picture above reminds me that my daughter shares in this trait, too.

2 thoughts on “10 Years Ago”

  1. Love that pic. The way your daughter is bouncing on the balls of her feet–she looks happy. I go and visit my dad soon and am looking forward to some father/daughter time. Hope you’re having good weather in OH. My dad said his area got a ton of rain yesterday. The lake is high, his dock barely visible. Everything needs to dry out a bit. Happy almost-Summer!

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    1. The Lima News reported this week that we’ve had 17 inches of rain in the past two months. Some local farmers are weighing whether to make crop insurance claims because few fields have been planted. It’s definitely been an odd season. Hope your trip to Ohio goes well.


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