Summer Photo Walk, June 8


The weather is hot yet dreary today. It is possible that we may add to our coffers of rainfall once again. We’ve had entirely too much rain over the past two months (17 inches, according to the Lima News).

This morning I wore my oldest pair of shoes and headed toward one of the soggy parks. The light was unreliable at best. I took some B&W photos, too, but many of those turned out blurry because I forgot to adjust the ISO for the dim light in the forest. Despite this issue, I did find a few of the B&W worth posting on this blog.

By the way, have any of you had luck with using a Facebook page for your blog? I don’t do much with mine, but I noticed there’s lots of features now for making posts, like easy slideshow videos and “Notes” which can incorporate text, photos and video. There’s also some ambitious-looking carousel post which can have links to multiple destinations. This makes me curious as to why Facebook hasn’t harnessed their publishing assets to create the go-to destination for bloggers. It’s like they intentionally left room in the online world for platforms like WordPress and the like.


2 thoughts on “Summer Photo Walk, June 8”

  1. I don’t use FB like I should, and it is strange that they haven’t made it easier for us bloggers. I know a lot of other bloggers use Instagram with success, but I just can’t devote time to so many social media channels. If you figure out FB, I’d be very interested to know what you think!

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    1. It’d be great if WordPress made it easier to use Facebook content. Facebook doesn’t have storage limits on images and videos. Facebook also uses some image compression magic that definitely speeds up loading times for photo-heavy content. As for Instagram, I haven’t had much luck converting traffic from that platform to blog visits.

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