I’ve taken very few photos during the pandemic, as if I could dampen the strength of my memories of this time by avoiding my camera. Of course, this strategy did not succeed in its goal. Instead, I missed taking photos of people and places that I can no longer see physically in the present tense. A few buildings I meant to capture burned down or were demolished. Wind storms knocked over some trees or pruned them ruthless abandon. I also lost someone most dear to me, my mother.

I regret that I took hardly any pictures of family during the past year. If you are blessed to have still-living parents or grandparents, I recommend the habit of taking pictures of each of them on a regular basis. Better yet, record video and audio of them. I wish I had videos and audio of my mom. What I would give to have audio of her colorful commentary when she’d hate-watch her least favorite politicians!

While the pandemic is by no means over, I am ready to venture forth with camera in hand again. Today I took a few photos near downtown Lima, but my camera had lain idle for so long that its battery lost its charge early in the walk.

Speaking of the pandemic itself, I don’t have a job that can be done effectively from home, so I’ve been reporting to work as usual. During height my state’s stay-at-home order a year ago, there was the weirdness of near-empty streets on my way to work. Then we had a motley crew of workers who came and went, some who decided to take a gap year from college, others who seemed to have emerged from cocoons after unknown seasons of dormancy. My husband once told me that the greatest unused band name of all time is Scrotum. I think all of the future members of Scrotum were working around me last summer, including a young fellow who looked like a corn-fed Adam Clayton circa the October album. There was also a guy who looked like an equal fusion of Sammy Hagar and Gallagher, but he evaporated from the scene too quickly to acquaint himself with the future band members.

I will close this post with “Gloria” by U2:

5 thoughts on “Gloria”

  1. I am sorry for your loss, Michelle. There’s something about the voice of a mother that goes straight to the heart. So often, like you, I wish I’d recorded my mom’s voice–saying absolutely anything. I’m glad you’re back out there with your camera, though I understand the feeling of not wanting to record the past (dumpster fire) year. Lilies of the Valley are so pretty and fragrant. And, your recollecting your motley crew of workers on the job–the would-be band mates of Scrotum–had me LOL-ing. Thank you for that. So glad to see you here!

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    1. Thank you. I’ve heard assurances that a mother’s voice is unforgettable, but it would have been nice to have some recordings, especially since she was inclined to say bizarre (if not outrageous) things at times like, “What sets the Shriners apart from other good-old-boy groups is that they actually buy false teeth for their wives.”

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