Aftermath of House Fire, West High Street, Lima, Ohio

There have been entirely too many house fires in my city in the past year and a half. I suppose that one house fire is a fire too many, but I’ve lost track of all the reports of burnt homes in the local news. When I spotted the property shown in this post over the weekend, I had no memory at all of reading about this particular house fire.

2 thoughts on “Aftermath of House Fire, West High Street, Lima, Ohio”

    1. I’m not sure why so many houses have burned. I’d guess that I’ve heard of 30 local house fires in the past year, which seems like entirely too many to me. A couple of house fires were due to arson, but the rest may be related to aging housing stock. Many homes in the area were built 80-100 years ago, and I think that many of them haven’t had many updates to their wiring, etc.

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