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I am an avid amateur photographer located in the Rust Belt city of Lima, Ohio. Like most people approaching middle age, I have many roles in life, including wife (of a professed hillbilly who is 15 years my senior), mother (of one superb teen daughter who happens to have autism), daughter (of working-class parents), believer (in Jesus Christ) and worker (in a massive warehouse).

I was an English major at Duke University and Ohio Northern University, yet I attained a degree at neither institution. My adulthood began with a 17-year-long struggle with major depression. My depression was treatment resistant for many years, and I suddenly emerged from the fog about 11 years ago. I’m am uncertain of the cause of this good fortune. At times I still have brief episodes of depression, but I find they are limited chiefly because I’ve gathered lots more support over my 11 years of mental health.

In late 2018, I also experienced a renewal of my Christian faith. I’m seeing the past and present in very different ways than I did before. I’ve been contending with chronic pain for the past three years, and I now face life with hope and gratitude because of my faith. Actually, I’m having minimal pain on my most days, despite having diagnoses that include fibromyalgia, migraine and spinal stenosis.

Thanks again,

Michelle Cole


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