What’s In Bloom: Allen County, Ohio, 7/13/19


I headed to the small yet stunning wildflower prairie at Hermon Woodlands this morning with my 50mm lens. Here in Allen County among the wildflowers we have Black Eyed Susans, Echinacea, Queen Anne’s Lace, Bergamot and Gray-Headed Coneflowers in bloom. I’ve taken the liberty of capitalizing all of their titles because they looked like royalty on this sunny July morning.

DSC_0129DSC_0140DSC_0037DSC_0017DSC_0006 (1)DSC_0009 (2)

Spotted in Lima

collage 2

There comes a time when a blog gives birth to another one. Intensity Without Mastery is proud to announce the arrival of Spotted in Lima, who was born yesterday morning. The labor lasted 19 years and stalled many times. After years of worry that her pregnancy was a false one, the mother realized that her baby would refuse to be born without a name worthy of her.

In other words, I’ve wanted to create a photo-focused blog for a very long time. I’ve started and scrapped such a plan several times over the years. The problem was focus, and the name Spotted in Lima has given me one. That phrase occurred to me like a proverbial bolt from the blue a couple days ago, and I didn’t sift it away like so many other thoughts that appear and fade away like scattered showers.

Right now the blog platform is just a simple and easy one. I don’t know what the future holds for this new arrival, but the nursery is ready.

Manhattan Street Scene, 2008

I stumbled upon a photo challenge on the WordPress reader. It is Instant Inspiration (31)  from Marcus Puschmann’s impeccable photoblog Streets of Nuremberg

Since I am still archiving my older photos, I picked a shot from my trip to NYC in March of 2008. I converted the original color image to B&W and then augmented the contrast per the challenge.

Below are both versions of the photo. Which do you prefer?

2372265593_0168e74a22_o (1)2372265593_0168e74a22_o (2)