ACME Photo

At the ripe age of 48, I decided that I am both old and selfish enough to buy myself Christmas gifts. My inaugural gift was a Canon SX540 HS point-and-shoot camera, intended to be the heir of the A520. The A520 is still my favorite, but I took so many pictures with it in the mid-aughts that I broke the shutter.

In the past few months, I’ve seldom had the time or favorable light to try the new camera. This morning I took it downtown in hope of capturing some reflections (which is something the low-end Canons seem to do with ease).

ACME Photo has been defunct for about a decade. It is where I made the jump to DSLR photography. So many camera shops in many other cities have also closed between then and now. This morning, I stood outside and reminisced of a time when I stood on the very same sidewalk and dreamed of being able to afford the wares within.

This Was His Alley Garage

Over the weekend, my husband and I took a drive through the alley behind the best house he lived in while growing up. The photo above shows what is left of its garage.

Through hearing about my husband’s childhood, I learned that I hadn’t truly been poor. There had been times my family had relied on the corner pay phone. We burned through a series of used cars whose idling engines sounded like Billy Joel songs. Throughout it all, we had a toilet that flushed and toilet paper. My husband’s family had neither until they moved into the house with the alley garage.

New Life Church

Yesterday I took some pictures of local churches, including the one shown above, New Life Christian Ministries. I ordinarily avoid arty filters because they seem inauthentic for someone like me who is lacking the skill to create such an image without putting a photo through an algorithm. I am sharing the one above because it looks like a church service makes me feel. I feel the Spirit at such times, and the above image reflects a little of that warmth. I am grateful for such joy. It is not something I take for granted.

Below is the original photo:

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