My Puff Bag is Here


My cat tote bag has been delivered, and I am so delighted with the finished item. The color fidelity is impressive. The image looks just like it did on my computer screen, except that is now imprinted on canvas. Back in the stone ages of digital photo printing, I’d have all kinds of problems with color printing output. I once had a t-shirt printed with a fuschia flower photo that looked stellar on the screen but became the visual equal of tone deafness when printed on fabric. This image of mine looks just like I hoped it would in print, and I am so happy about it.

Creating beautiful images and things has been the dearest wish of my heart for as long as I can remember. I cannot describe how happy I was to hold this bag in my hands and see something beautiful that would not have been made without me.

Tonight’s Dinner, and Anticipation


I’m pleased when the odds and ends in my refrigerator merge into a handsome dinner.

Currently my mind is full with waiting for my dad’s 23andMe ancestry-only test results. No matter how many times I’ve ridden this sort of testing roller coaster, I am anxious for the results, unreasonably so.

Since Friday I’ve seen “Your results are almost ready!” whenever I check the progress of his test’s processing. Whoever wrote that line does not share my sense of urgency. As Carrie Fisher wrote in Postcards from the Edge, “Instant gratification takes too long.”

Every day “Your results are almost ready!” doesn’t actually become ready, I feel a bit crushed, like a miniature of the deflated hope of each of the eight days I was pregnant past my due date.

It’s not like this test will offer earth-shattering revelations. ┬áLike when my mom tested earlier this year, I am so grateful once again that my family has been so supportive of this interest of mine.

Once my dad’s test is done, my results will be phased with both parents, and this, to my knowledge at least, is the most accurate direct-to-consumer geographical ancestry composition result available currently. Through Dad’s results, I will also be able to see his maternal (mtDNA) haplogroup, which is currently a mystery to me.

And now I must check “Your results are almost ready!” again.

Natural Fireworks


Echinacea pollen has pyrotechnic flair in the low evening sun.

Train Graffiti


Lots of trains pass through my city of Lima, Ohio, so I see plenty of train graffiti whenever I’m delayed by a train crossing. Today I spotted something I hadn’t seen before: a portrait on a box car.

Elusive Orange Milkweed


Purple milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is easy to find here in Ohio in June and early July. Its lavender flower clusters can be found in ditches and home gardens alike. Orange milkweed, also known as butterfly weed or Asclepias tuberosa, is more elusive. If I spot in a prairie, it is far from the margins. I have yet to see it as a specimen plant in a public garden.

Today I spotted two large orange milkweed plants at a local wildflower prairie. My view was obstructed partially by bee balm and other wildflowers that aren’t so photo shy.