Garden, July 20

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I’ve haven’t been making my usual garden posts this year because our wet spring dampened (literally) ambition for the yard. Now that conditions are more favorable for the flowers, I’d thought I’d offer some mid-season images.

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Summer Photo Walk, July 20

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Royal Catchfly

This afternoon I went to Kiracofe Prairie in western Allen County to capture some of the wildflowers. By the way, those of you who follow my Facebook page may be feeling a sense of déjà vu as you read this post. I made a Facebook Note about today’s photo walk but soon hit the technical limitations of that format. I couldn’t add more than four images beyond the header photo and gave up on expanding it. Maybe Facebook Notes really are just an electronic version of a pocket notebook.

It’s hot enough outside to warrant an Excessive Heat Warning from the National Weather Service. We’ve emerged from the boggy cycle of late spring and early summer. Now the weather is a pattern of sweltering heat with brief downpours.

The summer wildflowers are loving this weather, but our farm fields have not yet recovered from the floods of spring. I uploaded some dashcam footage of my drive to Kiracofe Prairie, and the minority of the farm fields in that video have crops planted. In farming there is a calculus of risk that is beyond my understanding. Many of the local farms made crop insurance claims rather than risk a bad yield this year. The corn and beans that did get planted are stunted for this time of year.

My heart just about burst with joy as I drove those country miles. While there are places far more beautiful than Allen County, Ohio, on a sunny July afternoon, those locales are not home to me. The more I see a place, the more I love it.

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Friendly Friday – Abandoned

painting on derelict house

Amanda from Something to Ponder About was thoughtful to reach out to me and suggest that my recent photo of the painting at the abandoned house would be a good entry for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

Below are two more photos of the abandoned house that hosts a painting of mysterious origin in one of its second-story window frames.


Quote from Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich

Did you know that a woman wrote about a near-term experience in 14th century England? She is called Julian of Norwich, and her account is titled Revelations of Divine Love. She actually wrote of her experience rwice, and it took her 20 years to finish revising the first version. Like Whitman with Leaves of Grass, she spent decades raising her text to maurity.

“And then with his sweet grace, continuing in the work of meek prayer, we come to him now in this life by many secret touches of sweet spiritual sights and feelings, given to us as our simple souls may bear. And this is done, and shall be done, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, until we die in longing for love.”

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