Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

We don’t have dramatic topography or structures in my area that are conducive to taking photos that tease our ordinary perceptions of scale. The land here in Lima, Ohio, is fairly flat. The few hills in this area are like sedentary folk in that they do most of their rolling while asleep. Our buildings are fairly short and squat as well. Short of renting a helicopter or buying a drone, I don’t have any vantage point I could use for a photo that says, “look how small we really are in the grand scheme of things.”

I suppose that some of our trees are tall enough to make us look small. I noticed this in a video I took of my husband and I walking through a local forest last weekend. The further we walk away, the more Lilliputian we look.

In reality, my husband, my daughter, and I are fairly short people. We ride together comfortably in a Honda Fit.

Last month, we attended a car show that had a few classic cars that are even smaller than our Honda Fit.

Here’s a photo of my husband walking by a 1957 BMW Isetta:


Perhaps the Isetta was the Smart Car of its time (but of higher quality, I hope). In this photo, my husband looks small enough to fit himself into that car twice over. While he is on the short side, I don’t think he’d have quite enough leg room in that Isetta.


Self Portrait in Hub Cap

Today my husband and I visited a car show at the Kalida Pioneer Days festival. This gathering claims to be the oldest festival in Ohio. I will grant them this distinction without fact checking it.

Car shows are challenging environments to photograph. All the clear coat and chrome on the cars can create oddball reflections in photos. Then are all sorts of people crowded around the cars. Sometimes it is just not possible to get a clear shot of many of the vehicles.

I have a small ocean of pictures from this event, but I thought I’d share just one in this post. Here I am trying to photograph the hubcap of a Ford Galaxie 500:



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