Chunk in a Meme

My daughter wishes we could make a cat “internet famous.” I really wish I could write a good meme. Perhaps my meme aspirations are bandwagonesque. Memes may be lowly and sometimes crass, but there’s an economy of language revealed in them that impresses me.

I merged her cat dream and my meme hopes in one image:


That’s our late, great cat Chunk. She reminded me of the “Famous Tough Guy” who was an old woman who inspected underwear in a Fruit of the Loom commercial back in the 80’s.

A Random Summer Evening

I don’t have much experience with making videos. I’ve only made shaky handheld clips in which I’ve pushed the shutter button a moment too late to catch the scene I wanted to capture, or I’ve pulled a bit of my proverbial hair out trying to make slideshows.

This evening I made a slideshow video with Adobe Spark with some pictures I took eleven years ago of my daughter and my late, great cat Chunk playing in the backyard. When I watch it, I’m so glad that I’ve taken so many photos of family moments. A random September evening that seemed all too ordinary glows with nostalgia for me now.

Keep taking pictures of your babies, whether they have two legs or four.

The Gift


When my daughter was little, I hoped that she wouldn’t stop drawing pictures for me. So far I’ve been lucky that I still get these gifts, even though the interval between new ones has grown longer over her fifteen years.

These pictures are my best window into my daughter’s evolving self. When I look back at my early years, I really wish I had just kept drawing pictures for my mother instead of acting out my angst in silly, sometimes destructive ways. The contrast between the cat’s melancholy and the Pomeranian’s exuberance says much about my daughter.

Last week, I told her, “You are so far ahead of where I was at your age. I was lost in my appetites, wearing the same size clothes as Roseanne Barr and drinking MD 20/20.”

I don’t worry that she’ll try to copy my teenage self. She shows no signs of wasting her energy on liquor, cigarettes, or indifferent boys.

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