Summer Photo Walk, July 29: Fort Amanda Park


Fort Amanda Park is located in southwest Allen County, Ohio, and its primary purpose is to honor that location’s role in the War of 1812. Fort Amanda was a supply station during that war, and it was abandoned so soon after the war ended that its precise location is unknown. Nevertheless, a moment to the fort was built in 1915 at this park:


There is also a cemetery where veterans of several wars are well-represented, including 75 unknown soldiers from the War of 1812:


I spotted the grave of a veteran of the Battle of Bunker Hill! His name was Peter Sunderland, and he lived to the advanced age of 90 (and a country road close to this park bears his name, too). His longevity reminds of something my all-time smartest friend told me when he was studying Greek and Roman literature in college. He told me that there have been elderly people in every era and that life expectancy is more a function of infant mortality than average longevity.

I see that Mrs. Sunderland enjoyed a long life, too:


This park is also situated on the banks of the Auglaize River, which is swollen from recent heavy rain. Today’s photo walk is a change from my usual locales, but I couldn’t have asked for better weather for this trip.


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