Coda to October Cookie Surprise

I imagine this horse could be dreaming of leading a stampede for snack cakes. Actually I took this picture at a custom car show last year. It’s the hood of a Mustang with stunning metal flake paint. The clouds are a reflection.

Since we made snack cakes by accident yesterday, I thought I would tell you that there is a simple, reliable formula for those at Buns in My Oven. The recipe is called Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake, but it can be twisted into several different flavor variations.

The formula is super simple: combine a box of cake mix, a small box of dry pudding mix and a bag of chocolate chips (any flavor baking chip works). Mix with a cup and a half of milk, pour in a greased 9×13 pan and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

The end product of this formula is surprisingly good. It has a fun, spongy density and tender crumb. It’s so sweet it needs no icing.

I’ve made a red velvet version by using red velvet cake mix, vanilla pudding mix and white baking chips. Using yellow cake mix, vanilla pudding and semisweet chips makes chocolate chip snack bars.

This a fun recipe for beginning bakers. I wish I had thought of these yesterday instead of baking weird snack cakes by accident.

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