This Year’s Lilac, a Survivor

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I’m pleasantly surprised that the lilac bush in our ditch bloomed at all this year. The 12-foot-deep ditch has flooded to the brim twice this year already. One morning it was full long enough that several mallard ducks swam through it.

This evening the ditch was dry enough to get some photos of the lilac bush. I think the lack of sky in the background and the fuzzy focus make it seem as if it’s still submerged. If only that fly on the upper leaf hadn’t insisted on being part of the picture . . .

Spring Photo Walk

Yesterday I ventured out on foot as far as my continued recovery would allow. Now that spring has hits it full stride, the light is more reliable and the plants more diverse. These two factors combine to make a photo walk worth my time. I wish I had been better when the earliest spring blooms had made their appearances, but, alas, this was was not my year to capture the bloom of early wildflowers like bloodroot and dutchman’s breeches.

I was pleased to get a shot of lilacs, which have had an early bloom this year. Typically the bloom of that bush coincides with Mother’s Day, at least here in northwest Ohio.

Hellebores, the Lenten Rose
Daffodils at my front door
Apple Blossoms
Reeds in the wetland preserve that borders my yard . . . From my kitchen window, this reed stand looks dense. Later in the season, this stand will be engulfed by cattails and the like. Yesterday the ground around it was still bare enough to walk straight up to it, and I was surprised at how sparse it actually is.
Bleeding Hearts