I’ve Started a Photo Blog


While this blog will continue to have a photography section, I have begun a photo blog called Lovewake. Why Lovewake? Because long ago I decided that if I ever designed a tarot deck, it’d be called The Lovewake Tarot. Since I haven’t gotten around to developing that notion, the title Lovewake is still available.

While my interest in photography waxes and wanes like a sine wave, it is an enduring passion of mine. My father also had an interest in this art during my childhood, and he helped me learn the basics once I decided to pursue it, too. One of my earliest memories is riding with him in the elevator of the tallest building in Indianapolis so he could take photos of the city from that high vantage point.

So I grew up in a family in which it was a right and good thing to wander in search of a good shot. I wasn’t an oddball to take pictures of crowds and parades. Both of my parents have been so supportive of my photography. In the depth of my past depression, it was at times the primary way I could express myself.

In the past 16 years, I have taken tens of thousands of pictures. On the photo site Flickr, I’ve had 192,353 views. I’ve also licensed stock photography through Shutterstock.

Weighing this history and how I’d like the option of blogging some photos with little or no commentary, I feel it’s best to offer a venue that focuses on my photos. This blog will still feature some photography. Each post here will continue to have a featured image, and there will be posts that focus on some photos that merited further reflection for me.

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Phragmites australis, tall grass in Ohio wetland preserve