Almost Fall Photo Walk, September 16

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Signs of early fall defy the persistent heat. Our neighborhood ice cream stand has closed for the year, and the canopies of trees are starting to change color.

The morning dew made the flowers of tall grasses just as beautiful as any garden specimen.

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I Love Grass Flowers

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Grass flowers are like the drunk-at-noon jaywalkers of the plant world. In my city, one can actually be fined for letting the grass get tall enough to bloom, unless it is an ornamental variety that is well-mulched with an obvious garden center origin. Otherwise, grass flowers in a yard advertise that the occupant has let their subscription to civic life lapse.

Why can’t we let a portion of the lawn bloom? There is a bit of the heart that stays wild, no matter how many rules we must keep.

Summer Photo Walk, June 17


In the backlight of weekend mornings, ordinary things look closer to the divine. I’m happy that I rolled out of bed in time to capture some of it.

As the official start of summer approaches, the heat-loving flowers are emerging, and tall grasses are have climbed halfway to their peak height. Milkweed is also in bloom, their banquet open for insects of all sorts.

Tall Phlox


Fall Photo Walk, n+1


With cool temperatures at hand, the El Niño conditions are ending that dampened the beginning of our fall foliage season. Now we’re in the midst of the pre-peak delay, when the trees are on the verge of blazing but dim light, blustery winds, and rain prevent good captures of these changes.

I did have the chance to take a fall photo walk last weekend, and my busy week did not allow posting more of these pictures until now.

The forecast for this weekend is looking very promising, with full sun and temperatures in the 50’s. I hope to capture all the rich colors of the leaves during their predicted peak this weekend.

Ohio Prairie in October


One of my local parks is maintains a prairie, which is unusual around here because much of northwest Ohio was once swamp land.

McLean Teddy Bear Park, Allen County, Ohio

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