The Bluster Begins

There’s a ditch at the end of my backyard. On the other side is a wetlands preserve, so there are various and divers willow bushes and trees along this ditch.

This wetland flora give me a glimpse of something wild every day. Their state is an instant weather gauge, too.

Below is a short clip of the ditch trees in motion as a storm front approaches. I wish I knew how to use video to convey the subtle sights and sounds of the everyday. When the wind gusts in this clip, it sounds a bit like a boom box speaker that been blown out by loud hair band music at some point in the distant past.

A Random Summer Evening

I don’t have much experience with making videos. I’ve only made shaky handheld clips in which I’ve pushed the shutter button a moment too late to catch the scene I wanted to capture, or I’ve pulled a bit of my proverbial hair out trying to make slideshows.

This evening I made a slideshow video with Adobe Spark with some pictures I took eleven years ago of my daughter and my late, great cat Chunk playing in the backyard. When I watch it, I’m so glad that I’ve taken so many photos of family moments. A random September evening that seemed all too ordinary glows with nostalgia for me now.

Keep taking pictures of your babies, whether they have two legs or four.

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