About 40% of my physical misery has lifted since my last post. I was able to devote a chunk of my evening to the garden, and my hip/thigh pain was just a background ache. Next week I am scheduled for an appointment to see if this new pain is related to my surgery or if it is a distinct problem unto itself. I don’t care for either possibility. I don’t like the notion of my physical recovery sliding backwards, and I certainly don’t want to discover that I have some different orthopaedic issue.

When I was young, my dad offered the same diagnosis for all that ailed me. He’d tell me that all the trouble was due to a “crosswise” fart. Maybe he learned of such troublesome flatus during his stint as a military medic. I really wish my new pain was due to the mythical crosswise fart taking up residence in my hip joint. At least it would leave eventually. Despite the lowering of its volume today, I know it’s something that will no longer be ignored, like a neglected tooth gone bad.

Tomorrow I am going to attend another car show with my husband. Ever thoughtful, he is going to carry a small folding chair for me in case my leg starts aching from the slow walking and standing around. It’s one of those oddities of my healing that I can withstand faster walking but the slowing down and stopping is hard for me.

While it hard to get clean shots of the cars at such events, sometimes the people are just as interesting as the vehicles. The shot below is fairly typical of my photos from car shows. The uncropped images are full of strangers (or parts of them):


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